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Jacquie takes out Teacher Excellence award

Congratulations to club member Jaquie Tang- she was just awarded the best tafe TVET teacher at Ultimo Sydney Institute of TAFE 2014 for Teaching Excellence
( (tertiary vocational education and Training) Year 11 and 12)

We already knew you were sensational, great to get the recognition from your work colleges – we are all very proud of you.  Jacquie TangJacquieTang

Busters drop PB’s in Westlakes!

Busters on Tour
Busters on Tour
Busters on Tour

What a weekend the Busters had at GP1 in Adelaide. It was a big weekend for sport SA, with the cricketers starting play in the first test and huge bombs being dropped on the athletics track at the Australian Allschools champs with a 16yr old running 10.13 windy in the 100. But nothing can match the 14 pb’s that our paddlers dropped in the Regatta centre at Westlakes!

The Tour started with Glenn Pyne, Australian Para Olympian and good guy, picking up our craft to drive to Adelaide. Thanks for the help Glenn!  Supported by Keith and Jaimee, the team flew over on Thursday to collect the mini bus and find the accommodation at Semaphore…note to everyone…don’t leave your paddling gear on the clothes line….there are some overly helpful people who like to take the dry clothes off the lines and into their own baskets. 🙁

Three days of competition saw about 14 pb’s for the team. What a great start to the sprint season. Full results below. And you can read all the comments on the facebook pages 🙂seed

The team has returned with some new found confidence and inspiration. Plenty of work to do, but the seed of a solid winters training is just pushing through the soil, can’t wait to see it bear fruit!  Coach was smiling as he plans out your next few training phases. Now get some rehab, see your chiro, physio, massage therapist or do some Pilates or yin yoga to stretch out those muscles and get ready for the rest of the season.

Results for Southside Paddlers

Crew Event/Race Lane Place Time
2. WK1 1000 18 Womens Under 18 K1 1000
Southside Paddlers
Nikki Glasson
Race 73 Heat 2 9 SCR
5. WK2 1000 18 Womens Under 18 K2 1000
Southside Paddlers/Tasmania CC
Courtney Dowling [TCC], Nikki Glasson [SSP]
Race 67 Final 9 3rd 4:15.54
9. MK1 1000 Mens Open K1 1000
Southside Paddlers
Mitchell Hughes, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 4 Heat 4 3 5th 3:47.66
Race 13 Semi-Final 3 2 5th 3:47.96
Race 22 B Final 8 8th 3:57.74
Southside Paddlers
Arnold Graf, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 2 Heat 2 9 8th 4:07.22
Southside Paddlers
Luke Moses, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 3 Heat 3 9 9th 4:04.22
15. MK4 1000 Mens Open K4 1000
Manly Warringah Composite
Sean Lohse [OCC], Jarrad Campbell [SCKC], Mitchell Hughes [SSP], Joey Hall
Race 35 Final 8 6th 3:16.93
23. WK1 500 18 Womens Under 18 K1 500
Southside Paddlers
Nikki Glasson
Race 21 Heat 2 8 5th 2:19.84
Race 24 Semi-Final 1 3 5th 2:17.63
26. WK2 500 18 Womens Under 18 K2 500
Southside Paddlers/Tasmania CC
Courtney Dowling [TCC], Nikki Glasson [SSP]
Race 41 Final 9 6th 2:11.13
29. WK4 500 18 Womens Under 18 K4 500
Southside Paddlers Composite
Samantha Silvester [PLCC], Courtney Dowling [TCC], Jayde Bagnall, Nikki Glasson [SSP]
Race 31 Final 3 SCR
33. MK1 500 Mens Open K1 500
Southside Paddlers
Mitchell Hughes, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 51 Heat 2 7 1st 1:47.92
Race 63 Semi-Final 2 5 3rd 1:48.13
Race 70 A Final 1 5th 1:46.29
Southside Paddlers
Arnold Graf, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 53 Heat 4 2 SCR
Southside Paddlers
Luke Moses, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 54 Heat 5 2 2nd 1:59.17
Race 62 Semi-Final 1 3 9th 1:53.93
Southside Paddlers
PATRICK MCGLYNN, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 54 Heat 5 9 SCR
47. WK1 200 18 Womens Under 18 K1 200
Southside Paddlers
Nikki Glasson
Race 113 Heat 1 9 5th 0:50.87
Race 116 Semi-Final 1 6 3rd 0:50.76
Race 133 Final 9 7th 0:50.09
50. WK2 200 18 Womens Under 18 K2 200
Southside Paddlers/Tasmania CC
Courtney Dowling [TCC], Nikki Glasson [SSP]
Race 126 Final 1 6th 0:49.15
54. MK1 200 Mens Open K1 200
Southside Paddlers
Mitchell Hughes, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 86 Heat 1 3 2nd 0:38.23
Race 101 Semi-Final 2 6 3rd 0:38.21
Race 124 B Final 4 4th 0:38.53
Southside Paddlers
Arnold Graf, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 88 Heat 3 3 3rd 0:39.29
Race 102 Semi-Final 3 3 4th 0:38.63
Race 124 B Final 7 5th 0:38.59
Southside Paddlers
PATRICK MCGLYNN, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 86 Heat 1 1 8th 0:46.43
Southside Paddlers
Luke Moses, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 87 Heat 2 1 7th 0:41.86
Race 100 Semi-Final 1 1 9th 0:43.11


PNSW Sprint Series 2014

PNSW Sprint Series
PNSW Sprint Series
PNSW Sprint Series

Southside Paddlers have been getting some great race practice and experience at the Sydney International Regatta Centre over the last few months. We would like to thank the PNSW Sprint Committee for organising the series. Our paddlers have had some great racing with lots of PB’s , providing great preparation for the coming race season.

The last of the series provided our paddlers with a great hit out before GP1, coming up next weekend. All our photos can be seen on Flikr and click on Results if you want to see your times.

Sports calendar dates

A few onlookers at training

Here are dates for the season from our old calendar – you can find other stuff on the calendar at top right on this page, but I don’t know how it works or why.

Click on the Series Name for more information about this series
aussies and surf events SURF – Rescue 2014 13 Sep 26 Sep
Lion Island Challenge 11 Oct
SURF – Sydney Water Series 2014 25 Oct
SLSA – Coolangatta Gold 2014 1 Nov 2 Nov
SURF – Sydney Water Series 2014 8 Nov
SURF – Sydney Water Series 2014 15 Nov
SURF – Cook Community Challenge 2014 23 Nov
SURF – Sydney Water Series 2014 29 Nov
SLS NSW Interbranch Champs 2014 13 Dec 14 Dec
SURF – Nth Cronulla Christmas Carnival 2014 20 Dec
RLSS – Australian Pool Life Saving Champs 2015 16 Jan 18 Jan
SURF – Wanda Intercities 2015 17 Jan
SLSA – Interstate champs 2015 tba 23 Jan 24 Jan
SURF – Manly Open Carnival 2015 24 Jan
SURF – Freshwater Open 2015 25 Jan
SURF – Coogee Open 2015 7 Feb
SURF – Bate Bay interclub 2015 8 Feb
SURF – Sydney Branch Champs 2015 14 Feb 4 Feb
NSW Surf Lifesaving Open Champs 2015 13 Mar 15 Mar
SLSA aussies 2015 13 Apr 19 Apr
SLSA Aussies 2016 16 Apr 23 Apr


AGM – 2014

Group photo
Group photo


Flower gals :)
Flower gals 🙂



AGM for 2014 is done and dusted. Your club executive for 2014-15 are

President – Brian Trouville

Public Office – Ross Smith

Treasurer – Lorrae Thomson

Secretary – Yvette Graf

Race Director – Luke Hagan

Apparel – Kim Glasson

You can view the annual report here :  Annual Report 2013_14

Thank you to all the attendees. We look forward to the coming sprint season and some great results. In the meantime we are looking for someone to volunteer to do some boat repairs and maintenance from time to time. And our major club project is to get that club house going…

Next activity – boat maintenance day with car wash! PelHBP

Busters on Tour

Recent sighting of a Buster in Katherine Gorge 🙂

Click on the photo to open it to see the Buster in training.


New website

Welcome to the club’s new website. The webmaster is now the webprentice and back on L-plates. WordPress system. Do bear with my as I learn to use it.Southside Logo

Narrabeen Marathon

On the first day of winter the Busters had a mixed day of racing  at Narrabeen, dead calm, no rain, but quite weedy. 3 of our 5 were in the points. And 4 of our 5  paddlers today are also Surf Life Savers.

Arnold came out with the win in the 15k ( division 8)  in 1.17.  He was much happier with his result and good preparation for the upcoming Surf event at Hamilton Island

Nikki was 2nd in Div 9 with a strong paddle showing that her winter training is starting to pay dividends.  Danielle was 3rd, she had some weed issues and then a bloke ran into her boat, so not the best day out.

Allan, had another consistent paddle for 3rd in division 11. Mitch was our casualty todayin division 2, suffering from a very solid 76km of training this week and pulled out at 10k.

Next marathon is end June at Penrith in the river.

Its time to renew your membership for season 2014-2015

See links below this news item for membership.
Important Registration Information for New and Renewing Paddling Members.
There are 3 types of membership.
1.  New ( paddler)  
2.  Renewing ( paddler)
3. Social Club ( non paddler)

There is an Operational fee that all Paddlers must also pay. You have a choice of paying once only annually ( with discount) or you can pay quarterly using this online system, or you can pay via EFT to the club bank account.

1. New Member ( Paddler)  – Fee $50         
: Membership with  annual operational fee is $250, discount applied of $40
: Membership with 1st quarter operational fee is $110

2. Renewing Member ( Paddler) –  Fee $20 
: Membership with annual operational fee is $220, discount of $40
: Membership with  1st quarter operational fee is $80.

3 Social Club Member ( Non Paddler)  – Fee $20

4. Operational fee ( quarterly)   $60. This can be paid online here  or go to our   Operations  Section on our club website for EFT Bank details. We prefer payment to be made online – cash is last option thankyou and can be paid to Treasurer or Secretary on a Saturday morning.  

It is a requirement of SSP that  you must take out PNSW membership if you are paddling.
 If you do not have this membership, you will not be covered by PNSW's insurance, to renew or join click here,   PNSW membership   Please note you will be asked to select your first claim club, the code is SSP or Southsid

There are 2 tiers of PNSW membership, standard and premium.
You only need to take out Premium if you intend to compete at National events such as the GP series, or the Australian championships.
Standard covers you for all NSW events only. Everyone who takes out PNSW membership also becomes a member of Australian Canoeing.
These are the instructions for login and renewing/joining pnsw.
.It's coming up to renewal time.  On 1 June we will start taking membership renewals.  To renew your membership you will be required to logon. 

To log on you will need to know your username and password.  Your username is assigned, save it in a safe place.  If you have forgotten your username or password, you can request a new one by clicking on http://www.paddlensw.org.au/user/password and a password reset link will be sent to club.graf@gmail.com

In this lead up to renewal time, we ask that members please ensure that they can log on so that when the time comes to renew, it can be done without delay.

Please check and ensure your contact details are correct so we can keep you up-to-date with the latest news and information.

If you have any questions about the renewal process please, email membershipatpaddlensw [dot] org [dot] au.

Note: There has been no increase in membership fees.

PaddleNSW National Competition Member – Adult $99
PaddleNSW National Competition Member – Junior 12 to 17 yrs $77
PaddleNSW Member – Adult $66
PaddleNSW Member – Junior 12 to 17 yrs $50
Paddle NSW School Student Member – $50
PaddleNSW Member – 5year – Adult – $300

To be eligible for the above memberships you must be, or intending be, a member of an affilaited club.

PaddleNSW Direct Member (not a member of an affiliated club) – Adult $88
(Only club members are eligible to enter PNSW competitive events.)

These prices include gst.

Thank you,
Southside Paddlers Committee





Woronora Marathon – Busters out racing :)

Busters took to the water today,  for the first time this Marathon series for a solid race/training session. Andrew on his ski scored the best result winning division 8 and Jack winning Divison 9. Lots of photos below in the link.

Division 2:  Mitch Hughes, placed 11th in a 1.43, Luke Moses met with some bad luck in the first 5k lap, breaking his rudder. Arnold Graf pushed hard and retired at the 15k lap.

Divison 8 : Andrew Garvie, 1st in 1.22

Division 9 : Jack Ford –  1st, 55.08    Danielle McMahon 2nd , 56.10    Nikki Glasson3rd 57.09

Division 11 : Allan Peatman, 5th in a 1.02

Code Club Name Points
BGCC Burley Griffin Canoe Club 206
MWKC Manly Warringah Kayak Club 126
LCRK Lane Cove River Kayakers 118
CCCC Central Coast Canoe Club 90
WCC Windsor Canoe Club 90
CSKC Cronulla Sutherland Kayak Club 78
SSCC Sutherland Shire Canoe Club 32
PVC Penrith Valley Canoeing 30
SSP Southside Paddlers 30
WBCC Wagga Bidgee Canoe Club 14
HVCC Hunter Valley Canoe Club 14
JP Just Paddlers 12
ACCA Dragon boats 6
SYDU Sydney Uni 6
MMCC   4
ICC Illawarra Canoe Club 4
GLCC Great Lakes Canoe Club 2