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Paddle NSW 2014-15 Awards -Congratulations Brian Trouville

The annual AGM, presentation and a reintroduced club forum were held yesterday at Lands End – a lodge on the hillside of Chowder Bay on Sydney Harbour. Surrounded by bush and water it was a delightful place for paddlers to meet. For those who wanted to paddle the waters of the harbour – paddle times were included into the schedule. The forum was quite successful raising lots of issues and possible solutions and making everyone aware of differing concerns for all the different paddling groups – from recreational to sport paddlers, marathon to wildwater to canoe polo, ocean ski slalom and sprint.A new board was elected, and 2 new patrons appointed, one being Helen Brownlee and the other the Holder of the position  of the NSW Minister for Sport. Lots of good things being done by PaddleNSW and lots more things to do.

Just a reminder – the sport of paddling needs more officials and coaches ( recreational, learn to paddle and sports programs) So if you see a call for volunteers at any of the events you are attending. Please try and help out as many hands make light work.

Thank you to Peter Tate, CEO, staff, Board and all the volunteers on committees who are trying to do their best for the Paddling in our state!

Brian Trouville

At PaddleNSW Awards presentation following the AGM, the 2014/2015 awards were announced.

Congratulations to all of this years NSW superstars!! ??

Male Paddler of the Year: Lachie Tame
Female Paddler of the Year: Jessica Fox
Young Paddler of the Year: Ella Beere
Paddler with a Disability: Breanna Reid
Masters Paddler of the Year: Anjie Lees
Team of the Year: Burley Babes Canoe Polo
Coach of the Year: Brian Trouville
Official of the Year: Bob Turner
Administrator of the Year: Lynn Parker
Volunteer of the Year: John Preston
Event of the Year: National Marathon Championships
Distinguished Long Service Award: Brian Trouville


Arnold collecting Brian Trouville's Coach of the Year award

Brian has been selected  as  Coach of the Year at the 2015 SPORT NSW volunteers awards.

We are very proud of Brian and knew he was the best around so its nice that he has been acknowledged by others who don’t know him as well as us. I would like to thank Paddle NSW for nominating Brian.

Arnold collecting Brian Trouville's Coach of the Year award
Arnold collecting Brian Trouville’s Coach of the Year award
Brian Trouville's Coach of the Year award
Brian Trouville’s Coach of the Year award
Arnold collecting Brian Trouville's Coach of the Year award
Arnold collecting Brian Trouville’s Coach of the Year award
 Brian Trouville's Coach of the Year award
Brian Trouville’s Coach of the Year award
Arnold collecting Brian Trouville's Coach of the Year award
Arnold collecting Brian Trouville’s Coach of the Year award

AGM 2015

AGM 2015



AGM 2015
AGM 2015

A sunny but cold day for the 2015 AGM completed.   Your club executive for 2015-16 are

President – Brian Trouville

Vice President – Luke Hagan

Public Officer – TBC

Treasurer – Lorrae Thomson

Secretary – Yvette Graf

Race Director – Luke Hagan

Apparel – Kim Glasson

You can view the annual report here :  Annual Report2014_15

Thank you to all the attendees. We look forward to the coming sprint season and some great results. In the meantime we are looking for someone to volunteer to do some boat repairs and maintenance from time to time. We did not fill the Public Officer position today. Ross Smith has asked to stand down. We are very sad to see him go and thank him for his excellent work as the Public Officer.


Brian Trouville – Finalist in 2015 Sports NSW Awards

Brian TrouvilleWe are very proud to announce that Brian Trouville is a finalist in the Sports NSW Community Sports Volunteer Awards for 2015.

Brian is a finalist in the coach category and Gaye Hatfield in the Officals category.

More information can be found on the  SPORTS NSW webpage.


Congratulations Brian 🙂

2015 AGM & Brunch

AGM details below – Preceded by training and races and followed by Brunch on the BBQ

Southside Logo

Notice of Annual General Meeting

For year ended 30 June 2015

Southside Paddlers Inc

10am 8th August 2015,
Riverside Clubhouse, Woronora

Order of Business

• Opening of Meeting

• Apologies

• President’s report on the year

• Presentation of Treasurer’s statement

• Election of New Executive

• Vote of thanks to outgoing Executive

• General Business

• Closure

Club Membership – Renew or Join Now

2015-2016 Membership Time!

We are now open for 2015-16 new and renewing memberships.

All details on how to join can be found on the club membership page  click here

There are a few changes this year with Membership system as PaddleNSW has now aligned its system with Australian Canoeing. This means if you have not already, you will have to create a password to get into the Australian Canoeing system – all the instructions are on their links, so just follow them and you should be ok. If any problems – ask them for help! You will be pleased to see, if you were always a premium member of PNSW, your fees have now been reduced and there is only one type of membership that gives everyone access to all events from national to club. Simplification!

Once you are a member of PaddleNSW – you can join Southside Paddlers – we have changed our payment system to just direct payments to our  club bank account. This will mean all funds go to the club and none to fees with Register Now ( who we are no longer using)  For the same reason, we are not using the Australian Canoeing Payment system to avoid fees.

We have changed our membership structure and fees to try and streamline and simplify. We only have one membership for everyone – adults and minors. $60.

We have also introduced a family membership fee, in the form, just put everyone’s first name – then your surname, so we know who you are including in the family membership.

  • Coaching Fee is dependent on number of sessions and type of coaching required. P.O.A – We cater for a range of athletes needs from dedicated sprint canoeist to a new paddler who needs to use our club boats to the surf club paddler needing technical correction and/or winter training. For more information  speak with the Coach
  • Boat storage has a separate fee – Price on Application and availability.


Happy Paddling!

The four muskateers do battle at Nationals

Our Four muskateers headed out to Sirc, Penrith for the Nationals champs over 11-14 March 2015. Weather was mostly good except for a brief storm that delayed the rerun of the first heat of the k1 200. Thank goodness we had decided to stay in Penrith, and not drive home each night. The peak hour evening traffic just on Mulgoa Road in Penrith is bad enough, let alone the M4,M7 and M5!

There was some good fun at dinner and breakfast and lots of healthy banter.DSC_0114

As with any regatta there are ups and downs and learning curves. Mitch paddled a pb in the 200 with a 37.15, but it was also a dq with his boat weighing in just under the legal 12kg.  It’s a tough sometimes but everyone needs to check their boat weight every time they race. Boat weights fluctuate with the weather conditions and it is also not unheard of for your weights to be removed from boats if left unattended ( this didn’t happen to Mitch, but it has happened) Mitch also paddled close to his pb in the 1000. Very consistent form.

The team manager…( me..) missed an important change in progression plans for the 1000m which also affected Mitch and meant he was unable to race the c-final of the mens 1000. We ( me) have learnt that you can’t trust the online data progression plans….I assumed the information on the regatta results was accurate and up to date. Fail to me. I think it would be great if the Competition Management would provide each club with an information/update box, or post all updates on a special section in the website so we don’t have to rely on the Team Leaders to notify clubs of changes and..as this just does not happen in NSW.

Nick was our best performed in the mens k1 200 with a 6th in the B final and each of his races his times were faster. Arnold had 3 consistent races and won the C final of the open mens division and this placed him about 7 or 8th overall in the u/23’s. Pat got 3 races this regatta, paddled 3 pb’s and placed 7th in the C final.

We are still disappointed the u/23’s were not provided with their own national championships races and had to race in the open division.

Nick and Arnold missed the final of the k2 200 ( which was a red hot final) but they were very happy with their final race in the semi final.

Thank you to the organisers, officials and volunteers for putting in the many hours to make this event run as smoothly as they can.

Thank you to our coach and President, Brian for being there for the athletes every day, he was sent home full of coffee beans each day. 🙂

Link to photos on Flikr here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/127184985@N05/sets/72157650881057987/


Here are everyone’s results

Crew Event/Race Lane Place Time
5. MK1 1000 Mens Open K1 1000
Southside Paddlers
Mitchell Hughes
Race 3 Heat 3 2 6th 3:45.43
Race 20 Semi-Final 3 8 7th 3:44.67
Race 63 C Final 6 SCR
141. MK1 200 Mens Open K1 200
Southside Paddlers
Arnold Graf, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 47 Heat 1 7 4th 0:38.84
Race 83 Semi-Final 1 2 7th 0:38.23
Race 102 C Final 4 1st 0:38.27
Southside Paddlers
Mitchell Hughes
Race 48 Heat 2 7 3rd 0:38.09
Race 85 Semi-Final 3 3 DSQ
149. MK2 200 Mens Open K2 200
Sthside Paddlers/PaddleNSW Direct
Nicholas Dawe [PDM], Arnold Graf [SSP], Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 202 Heat 1 7 7th 0:37.02
Race 210 Semi-Final 1 1 5th 0:35.98
Event 141  –  MK1 200    Mens Open K1 200
Heat 2 Race 48
5th MCGLYNN, PATRICK PaddleNSW Direct NSW 9 0:43.37 3.66 +6.51
Semi-Final 1 Race 83
Place Name Club State Lane 200M Margins
9th MCGLYNN, PATRICK PaddleNSW Direct NSW 1 0:43.10 4.51 +7.00
Progress: Plan D2: 1..3->FA; 4..6->FB; 7..9->FC
C Final Race 102
Place Name Club State Lane 200M Margins
1st Graf, Arnold Southside Paddlers NSW 4 0:38.27
2nd Wroe, Nicholas Champion Lakes WA 9 0:38.41 0.14 +0.14
3rd Lee, Jared West Lakes SA 7 0:38.68 0.27 +0.41
4th Bulmer, Nicholas West Lakes SA 2 0:38.76 0.08 +0.49
5th Fitzsimmons, Riley PaddleNSW Direct NSW 6 0:38.77 0.01 +0.50
6th Campbell, Jarrad Sunshine Coast QLD 5 0:39.62 0.85 +1.35
7th MCGLYNN, PATRICK PaddleNSW Direct NSW 1 0:43.01 3.39 +4.74
Heat 1 Race 47
3rd Dawe, Nicholas PaddleNSW Direct NSW 6 0:38.24 0.61 +1.12
4th Graf, Arnold Southside Paddlers NSW 7 0:38.84 0.60 +1.72
Semi-Final 2 Race 84
5th Dawe, Nicholas PaddleNSW Direct NSW 3 0:37.91 1.26 +2.01
B Final Race 103
6th Dawe, Nicholas PaddleNSW Direct NSW 2 0:37.79 0.77 +1.67


GP2 – It’s all about the racing – because that’s what you want to do!

Please play the above music Happy  by Pharrell Williams – while you watch the slide show of our club athletes at GP2 – full results below for Nick, Mitch, Arnold, Pat and Nikki.

Sport is meant to be fun, make you happy. Getting results and achieving your best makes you happy. Some days  you think that hasn’t happened.  But if you step outside the box and look from a different perspective you may find you have achieved a lot.

Racing is about finding a winner.  The old  adage that everyone is a winner can be true too.  You may not be first across the line; but did you execute the race plan successfully? Get a pb? Make a mistake but come away from the event and learn and improve so you can do better next time. Make some new friends? Meet your sporting hero?

Athletes want to be winners ( what ever definition  it is to you) and with that Athletes expect ( and not unrealistically)  a fair playing field for all competing.  The field of play for Sport  is about playing by the rules by competitors and officials/managers in the best competitive spirit for all.

After all, it is just sport and if that’s what your want to do – clap along because happiness is the truth!


 PaddleNSW Direct 200m u/18
Nikki Glasson, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 156 Heat 2 7 8th 0:56.69
PaddleNSW Direct -500 u/18
Nikki Glasson, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 44 Heat 1 2 7th 2:24.29
Race 63 Semi-Final 2 1 9th 2:24.57
Crew Event/Race Lane Place Time
9. MK1 1000 Mens Open K1 1000
Southside Paddlers
Mitchell Hughes, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 4 Heat 4 7 6th 3:44.41
Race 19 Semi-Final 3 9 7th 3:44.47
Race 66 C Final 6 3rd 3:45.31
22. WK2 500 18 Womens Under 18 K2 500
PaddleNSW Direct/Sthside Paddlers
Nikki Glasson [SSP], Breanna Reid [PDM], Coaches: Brian Trouville, Suzi Edwards
Race 11 Heat 2 7 DNF
25. WK4 500 18 Womens Under 18 K4 500
West Lakes Composite
Nikki Glasson [SSP], Breanna Reid [PDM], Sonia Ryan [WLCC], Rachel Ryan [WLCC],
Coaches: Brian Trouville, Suzi Edwards
Race 53 Final 7 5th 1:57.99
39. WK2 200 18 Womens Under 18 K2 200
PaddleNSW Direct/Sthside Paddlers
Nikki Glasson [SSP], Breanna Reid [PDM], Coaches: Brian Trouville, Suzi Edwards
Race 131 Heat 1 7 6th 1:06.22
Race 141 Semi-Final 1 2 4th 1:00.62
43. MK1 200 Mens Open K1 200
Southside Paddlers
Nicholas Dawe
Race 40 Heat 4 4 2nd 0:38.72
Race 87 Semi-Final 3 6 6th 0:38.48
Race 100 B Final 9 6th 0:38.53
Southside Paddlers
Mitchell Hughes, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 40 Heat 4 6 4th 0:39.00
Race 85 Semi-Final 1 8 8th 0:39.02
Race 99 C Final 3 4th 0:39.40
Southside Paddlers
Arnold Graf, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 39 Heat 3 3 3rd 0:38.97
Race 85 Semi-Final 1 7 6th 0:38.14
Race 100 B Final 8 8th 0:39.12
Southside Paddlers
PATRICK MCGLYNN, Coach: Brian Trouville
Race 41 Heat 5 8 7th 0:43.92
46. MK2 200 Mens Open K2 200
Southside Paddlers
Nicholas Dawe, Arnold Graf
Race 114 Heat 1 3 4th 0:38.17
Race 126 Semi-Final 2 3 5th 0:36.98
Race 138 B Final 6 1st 0:36.79


Nothing Slows the Busters down!

Mitch and Arnold K2 200

Last weekend the 2015 PNSW State Sprint Championships were held at SIRC Penrith.

We had 5 paddlers competing – 4 Men  in the opens, Nick Dawe ( Open) Patrick McGlynn ( Open ) Arnold Graf ( u/23 ) and Mitch Hughes ( U/23 and Nikki Glasson in the u/18 Womens Event

As a short summary
Nikki P1040889Glasson – no pb’s this champs, but getting 7 in one champs like she did in Adelaide in December was  a massive task to follow on from! Good to see  very consistent times and close to pbs ( except for the weedy 1000 time)

Patrick McGlynnP1040841 Pat paddled his fastest set of times over heats and semis showing consistency with both 200 races and improving every race – Best today 44.61..Off to buy a new paddle now!

Nick Dawe – no pb’s for Nick today either but he very close in both the k1 and k2 races. Like Pat, showing a consistency in race times. Best today was 37.45 in the A final

Mitch HugIMG_0145P1040807hes – 4 pb’s in his 200 k1 37.45 and deadheating with Nick in the A final, a pb k2 200 with Arnold 35.96. Pb in the 500 k1 1.45.12. Great results after racing all weekend.

Arnold Graf – No pbs today, but showing a great consistency in keeping his race times around the P104082737 low 38 mark, much better than previous seasons where he was finding it difficult to get times under 39-40sec.  His fastest time in 200 today was 37.74.

Another interesting thing is how close and consistent Mitch, Arnold and Nick’s times were today…must be something to do with their training program, nice work Mr T. We also have 3 athletes now ranked in the top 10 of 200 sprints in Australia this season. Not too bad for non program athletes!

Results show a lot of promise for the national events to come, based on training loads and work schedules leading into this event.

Full results can be reviewed here.

Thank you to the PNSW Sprint Committee for organising and running the event. From one volunteer organisation to another we really do appreciate the hours and effort you put into the sprint events.

Whilst the regatta was excellent. The course was a bit weedy.   This led to a few senior national squad athletes boycotting the event. The exodus did dampen the spirit of the regatta.  It was very disappointing for a lot of the younger kids to be denied and opportunity  to paddle alongside their heros or get them to sign their boats. It was as thoughtless disruption to the event and caused the volunteer officials a mountain of additional work, plus led them to question why they put all those hours into a sport, to be let down by the whim of a few.  The state champs are a pathway that lead and help inspire the younger and developing paddlers to continue with this sport and to build it from the grassroots. Not everyone gets to be the best, not everyone wants to be the best, some just want to be the best they can be!   Paddling keeps people fit, it is fun, it is a life long passion. This event was not a national selection event, for the elite is  chance to practice race plans, partnerships and execute other things that coaches request of them. It is a shame that the elite have, perhaps forgotten their grass roots, as they have progressed  into high performance sport and become part of the product that has evolved from Australian Canoeing’s interpretation of the ASC Winning Edge Strategy. Both organizations need to address this issue  before they kill off sprint canoe sport in Australia.

The issue of the weed…well yes it was weedy, which is caused by the Carp feeding.  So fix it! That is up to Australian Canoeing and Australian Rowing  to ensure that all race venues are race fit for use, fit for purpose. If they are not, tell the management of the venue. If the venue is non-compliant, go above them… This is a department of Fair Trading issue perhaps. Can’t sell something for a purpose and find it is not fit for purpose…

No Taxpayer in NSW wants to know that our 2000  Olympic Venue that  our state paid millions of dollars out of our tax payer funds  is not functioning properly for for its planned purpose. It is so disappointing to hear administration speak of this as annual problem that has never been fixed. Please take some responsibility and do the jobs you are paid to do, so paddlers can paddle and race. And if you can’t fix it let us know…I am sure we can organise a Carp fishing contest…Seriously – here is how you do it, government approved and all!  http://www.feral.org.au/guidelines-for-carp-fishing-competitions/  ….

Here is some light reading on the carp problem in Australia http://www.clw.csiro.au/publications/controlling_carp.pdf

Carpe Diem!




P1040872 P1040843  P1040839 P1040836  P1040821 P1040817 P1040815


Sprint racing in the New Year – enter now!

Paddle NSW State Sprint Championships are coming up on 17-18 January.

Please enter now to avoid that last minute rush and extra fees.

You must pay before you enter with this champs, entry is $125.

In the meantime Busters are hard at training in preparation for coming sprint championships, including the PNSW state champs, GP2 and Nationals. All will be at SIRC. Keep an eye out for the sprint selection policy which is due as soon as AC open the office again in January. 2015_nsw_sprint_championships