Paddlesports and Surf Lifesaving Calendars

For the Southside Paddlers calendar our events are focussed on Canoe Sprint, Marathon or Multisport ( Surf Lifesaving Events) So just sort by that or just select Southside Paddlers.   As much as we would like to say all  the dates etc correct, links have been provided to the source of that information and it is highly recommended that you double check the source, as dates and information may have changed since this information was loaded.

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Date Event Location Discipline
3 - 4 March Canoe Education Weekend – Whitewater Courses March 3-4, 2018 Broken Bridge, Derwent River
17 - 18 March Canoe Education Weekend Flatwater Lifeguard/Guide/Instructor course March 17-18, 2018 Kingston Beach
18 March Whitewater River Rescue 1 Broken Bridge, Derwent River Recreational - Sea Kayaking