Defib ( AED) will now be a club asset :) Priceless

Thank you to Tradies and Reponse for Life for providing our club with the opportunity to acquire a life saving device called and AED, defib or as made famous by Kerry Packer, the Packer Whacker! We will be collecting our new AED on Tuesday 30th at 5pm, we need 4 volunteers for the training and presentation. Please email me at if you are interested in attending.

I would also like to thank the indiviuals from the club ( you know who you are)  who kindly donated the money which meant we could acquire the machine. It had been decided that we would not use our club funds for this acquisition and that it must be separately raised. We have been able to do this and hence are getting the device.

Below is the original letter of offer from Tradies and a description of the AED and links to the various organisations.

Tradies is teaming up with Response For Life, a local not for profit organisation who aims to reduce Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) through the distribution of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). With the support of Response For Life, Tradies believes there is a clear need for access to appropriate life saving equipment such as defibrillators in public places, particularly at our local sporting clubs.

To address this need Tradies and Response For Life would like to provide Tradies sponsored sporting organisations with subsidised defibrillators packages. Tradies has pledged to subside up to ten defibrillators during 2013 for those local sporting organisations interested in acquiring such life saving equipment.

The cost of one defibrillator is $2,500 and Tradies has committed to subsidising 50% of this cost with sporting clubs contributing the outstanding $1,250. Response For Life have recommended the ZOLL AED Plus as their preferred defibrillators as it offers Real CPR Help, supports the Australia Resuscitation Council’s complete chain of survival and has the lowest total cost of ownership.

This product is also used by the NSW Rural & Metro Fire Service, NSW Ambulance and Virgin Australia. The purchase price also includes AED training, wall signage and paediatric pads (for children 0-8 years). Should Tradies receive an overwhelming response to this opportunity, sponsored sporting organisations interested will be considered on a needs basis.